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tv   Kick off - The Mia san Mia Phenomenon Part 2  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2018 3:30am-4:01am CET

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changing no unfair meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire each other. be committed to the farming magazine. long d w. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how to german soccer made it back to the top. in our webspace. dot com. football made in germany.
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or a must thing in this and. i'm going to give you quite the namaz the shot if i am done see if. that's a buying given toward going to mars the stuff i know for history of things that i think it's good i mean. what was even this is the space momentum of the by this is gonna say me the sun media is against me as a business to buy. this so what is the fun about soy as a folded paper merchant woman kiki is behind it to me to difficult to make the most money. everybody have a dream and you don't need to sell your dreams. no. son. thomas why did why this why i'm soon.
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to predict. the snow even the second plane. to not buy it but to one bug that made it off of the sky from the lake and then the funds and there will. be a few instances but it. was nice. this is.
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my. every club outside of it was exhausted so we were does a child because. i don't really go anywhere so for me it was. a way of a way of discovering the world it's fun. that. bond in germany was just interchangeable you know they shared a lot of the same characteristics paf chest was difficult to be all that is those sort of things but i do think the impression of a bond is is really changed in recent years not just because. of. it's i think far more widely watched it's far easier to see. football from
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all over the world wherever you are and in the world things also parochial nowadays i think people globally know more about bond and the reason it sit close to courses and also the way that. made them play. a brand of football and you know that was the idea of the club to create a brand of football as well as the the bond brand so. you know i think people appreciate them maybe for football more than i ever did before. even watching me trying to fully forget and it's all still on the pitch at the emirates even though god has gone there still kind of a shot of him that in the fact that they're playing out on those at the start of training that that is something that the players love you see really enjoy it you can just hear them were screaming and hollering from one hundred two hundred mi is
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why i. took. this one of the great experiences in european football to put what you gave the game like days the big game. oh. ok. so you know i sort of i see cop. he's one of the great buys of one to ten. the najat any shots as powerful as we had. no wish to walk. let's be
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brutally honest this is going to happen more chance of may chance of maybe getting a date with liz honey. i think oscar will come out of the blocks quite quickly. but from that i mean. the gap in quality is. not if you place a bond or a complex. kind of feel they can be more themselves in china i'm still seem.
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to keep it a little bit here so. i. i i. think she looks. like a little. you know i think. you know sometimes the way they play is almost sexy so you know and the really talks a lot about love and sex and you know the interplay between people and that sort of thing. watch these guys you know in the
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twenty's you know. just run up and down the field and that sort of thing such a high level. you know it's just to me is a beautiful thing you know it's you know the apotheosis of me of the human form. the way that i feel when i play with words. i think you know work for tree and by you have in common is that they both. they're both expressing an art form. you know when when somebody like reverdy is passing the ball to somebody like robin you know or when you know robin levin dusky is creating something out of nothing you know or even more so you know thomas moore you know you see those emotions and you see how they contort their bodies to score and asked
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to play. young to me that's all very. very artful. you know much like that much like really good poetry is. when you want to bust a misstep penalty against chelsea. or it's going fine for my. final exam. you know i felt really really awful for you know like i went and wrote million afterwards it's just the shock the sheerest sure emotion. you know as he's covering his face and then he's trying to you know sink into the ground. and i felt like.
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you know the best poetry moves you in that same way. they must. pick up. the pace of. life you know especially if we feel by the way that the palace of.
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the palace i got from all that misses me. was the good thing but it was common and isn't often he said that the sense of work. thing and this is the. thing about us. you pam and he this is all imma be the answer to all master should be a tag on it in. my eyes the bad. harvest africa not because of if we are is that we have many more. champions league
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sega love island best now on the us this is song of lawyer as event doesn't it i'm showing it is you can buy our model of and a mention then any make and this mint and feel it hot as it does and see it but come. sort of new to all the stuff that young bands of sr of the should be i can come up this quest it's sequencers. thank. you want one. and more nancy if i was found. shot on. net of the show and decided to send it to my sis that united.
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he sees d.d. identify with joe was his deed on the minute i may and the money i never never never thought of this falling into sort of. a one model of a. given number eleven of how they could live in memphis or. d.m.v. if you had off a long time. to see him without even a single passenger. it's always about one. course and the first the. first i want to live for was if this guy was. the whole full blown war and we then when that didn't have to go we have one time since we don't need to do it we were in control and that the end. it
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was was was you. and i had was. the. term is the. first of one text is from bob come day by his new folks. if you want. to touch on it couple times i think you can i thank you but it's interesting i did not take these guys to see. parts of enzymes and i don't
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want to the moment it was time to go but i thought i'd come on the couch come on the stump the saw was and spoke i. think i can bring out i. let you know what since that day and i was the game. i decided not to watch the game. anytime i was the game my hot seat.
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as a my kind if you know i was a young mind if i had to meet as she said. i'm still in the know in sixth album and i instantly threw it on shocks this time in sly some kind i mean. i've used polka dots and i'll be out for the simple crowd for five months of when i first saw. tompkins it often i was kinda stuck. the whole in flight because it's not but he's a mantra that muslims are online see some of the less hours ahead even though the fictionalized periodicals and possibly that's been gotten much as the church. says and a new i'd see not the same phonology something of i like it out almost all of what i'm happy and why unseal eight so watch it here kind of and do some fine back then tito will be a god must see it as the only flea on there she does if done in the car being in
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that the any. thing on the bed the going is a thought the steal and also. down there is for a shout hear them it's corpse now and on non-confidence back and. so it. was by asking god not deep down by its roots to juvie or does he have it by an eight o'clock bell didn't a good mom. beckenbauer but as you know kind of list of of a giovani a. job. and.
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live in just. the way. down to things you can also contact if the buy in. the business. was if the buy in is bust for me. that the. forced incumbents of the speedo. have lung go belly up from a funny thanks again from facebook when mine and i think. it's funny thank. you so much supply and.
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demand. not so much people so they have. invested in things that american. incensing is not. about one's own many on through having a doctor saw the movie specially by him then by the field but not so much after my missions because. they were here. for the speeding and had him agreed he had been probing to get help trying to develop machine phones. this in believing the floor going. to be the
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week when then i guess i took incident. if he'd been shown that i had just gone in a sitting target for the super speed. then how did the system give my dog a source of slightest interest for us and seen them snarling. and done today. teatime can sing the cosmic cd. thought it was the only naked in god i thought it was i would think if. i wanted him on my own a song i want us to kill. me. even for this misleader she's having to get the it's a guy was a see it it was
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a his on his way it's called copy take the old if you wish to live then he at tafe . about it john and they both know that she lied if you back. thought it was yesterday was the end do you think speeds up the aston martin you don't know if the site tried to go for bullshit see it was your thing if i had any advantage they could you know take a con. job if you are the you are the it was your car it was to see that easy trip its your car to see if even the car didn't get this often you have this often for freude a saw you have to get through one of them plots the indicative you know.
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yes this leak will form or leak on the house or it will being on serve only was meant to last so on him one on one c four. of us they see it seem via sharples leaks segev what normally they have that's the thing here give on asking since offense also for media. who was the. second to this to be said. i. you know lead it a bit of c. by a minute. and as by now i know that i had one needs in the game and he goes i'm not
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a get at the out of a whole lot of them that made him when he sent. me a. rail madrid really mad that it. was this turned on the us hang on to that issue. and this one ima him up the most last. oh thank you. thank. you look look look look look look at me sure you know get out and run the. damn it up against them and. said then. you know.
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when this is and that. and i said then that one though if i'm going to attend a. yes event that i will but i will tell them that i will board. i say with. a study go by i see him and i said well i stand out and later that morning. see dinamo still if he needed me but i had an idea by that even more needs and they will tell you a little google. one of those qualities to be going on my leave to feel mrs penhallow we're going to if you happen to be in the yeah. it was or not feel. bad on this one by you know. you don't know about. the solar but i can see a lot of them now. about
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a feeling that one day i was about it up. for a while and i'll go but i'm going to be going to something. with. going to somebody's. gate in the. you do know a little you know what i'm going to move it out of that is that in this by now but it's all you can do it kind of can't be done then that i'm buying a principle that a sign you know that meant that he'd be a serial coming in and i'm speakin much of it. isn't gonna come on through your psyche i'm on the marco. was responding. to. by my mind is east on point burst on him equal.
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as a def i think. i mentioned that the. place has three all possibly the best said you could ask. and all that doesn't stop with that and also the violence was that the bonus that i would quadruple more that a bad. idea that i stand had i mean as i suspect it will got hassled so heston all seattle. let me. tell you that but then when we had. cool to. see.
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so let's be honest. the stream of trauma she. jokes. from. the fire of the human form. and why.
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it's the angel tropical. system it's. your imax presents to the choice of winter holiday itself. if you spend all your time on the slopes then you must know about our hot web sites next street praying winter sports to the next level. in our series in this now every day this week's. you wrote in sixty minutes d w. d w turn diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of that i've been going there you know. now with us in our innovations magazine for in just.
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hours from every week and always looking to the future on d w dot com science and research for asia. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful i test the convictions and the values of the follow for the club fronting them with sex i would draw all those people with other people's life in their hand out of their conference or. how good of the arguments of my guests. are just excuses. conflict zone confronting the powerful on g.w. . where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a meter with the painter ship with just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers with official information as
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a journalist i had to walk the streets of many cameras and they had problems are all the same forward to social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. we've gone that far to stay silent when it comes to the fence the humans on scene are right to fold inside to put their trust in us. my name is jenny paris and i work a day. like iranian president hassan rouhani has met with members of parliament to discuss how to handle anti-government demonstrations since thursday protesters have taken to the streets to complain about economic woes and corruption.


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